Monday, February 15, 2010

Day46 - Yummy Gooey Fun

At only 9 years old, my youngest son is a prize winning chef. He won a recipe contest at the NC State Fair last fall, going up against adults. He always wants to experiment in the kitchen and I'm usually impressed with what he turns out. Tonight he wanted to make a simple dessert out of a tortilla covered with marshmallows and chocolate chips. He then rolled it up and warmed it on the griddle.

Well, thinking that looked like a good idea, my other son and I copied his efforts, except we added a layer of peanut butter. Joshua chose marshmallows and I chose chocolate chips as as our second ingredients. They were really, really, really gooey. Next time I'm trying marshmallows because I literally had chocolate peanut butter goo dripping all down my hand and arm.
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